• Recruitment agency for professional and qualified childcare
  • Providing appropriate and competent service
  • Supporting families and relief their challenging everyday life

Children are the most important thing in life. Given childcare is a confident and challenging task, the professional qualification of our nannies is a precondition for any placement of The Nanny. 


A nanny is very flexible, resilient and capable of emotional challenges with children. Take the opportunity to get support from a professional who accompanies your children in their social, cognitive and physical development as a reliable partner. 


Based on the specific needs of every family we attain the personal fit by specific matching with potential candidates and support the whole process even after the contractual agreement has been signed. Thereby, we support the family in their day-to-day life in the long-term. 


Whether you are looking for a permanent childcare solution or someone to join your family during holidays to look after your children, we will find the right solution for you!