Becoming a professional nanny can be the decision for your dreamjob as an educator. The job offers the opportunity to pursue your passion as educational specialist under optimal conditions with a limited number of children. You can individually encourage and challenge children, get to know them much better and build a real relationship with them, which facilitates the daily work.


Being a nanny you arrange and decide on the childrens’ daily routine. Besides every day activities, you plan excursions, suggest appropriate hobbies like sports or music, arrange playdates and look after the children during longer absence of the parents. These are just some examples of the multi-faceted tasks of a nanny.


Especially if these tasks are combined with some traveling when the family is on vacation or lives at different locations, you can be sure that this job is always exciting and offers a lot of potential for personal development.


Unlike in kindergarten where you have to take care of an age span of several years and children with very different needs, as a nanny you become a member of the family and can influence each child’s development. In addition, the compensation is often more attractive compared to working as a fully trained kindergarten teacher. Higher compensation may result from individual bonus during the holiday season, overnight stay or 25/7 childcare in the absence of the parents. The base salary is market dependent and reflects the conditions in the country of work accordingly.


We at The Nanny would like to find the perfect place for you to work as a nanny and will support you anytime as competent, experienced agency with advice and practical help. We understand your legal or administrative questions and will guide you in everyday issues that you might deal with, especially at the start. If you do not live in Switzerland currently or have legal/administrative questions, we are happy to help!


It is important to us to be a constantly accessible contact for our nannies. We want happy families with happy Nannies!