A nanny is a professional, qualified nurse with pedagogic background and experience in childcare.

We only place candidates who have a degree as a professional educator from a pedagogic apprenticeship or social studies as well as nurses or who provide equal skills through relevant practical experience including references. We help you in finding a nanny if you are resident in Switzerland.


The nanny is appointed according to the needs and wishes of the family. She is flexible, responsible, reserved and has a high social competence. Our nannies provide sound language skills in German, as well as English and other languages, if required.


Each family is different and has diverse needs, which may change over time. This results in different and dynamic requirements for the childcare solution. We offer the right solution for each family:

Permanent NannyFulltime childcare and, if needed, personal family assistance

Temporary NannyChildcare for a certain time period

Travel-NannyAccompanying childcare during vacation or travel

MannyMale childcare

Other Nannies: Other needs or emergency? Contact us, we will find a solution!