Childcare for limited time period

  • The temporary nanny is placed in the family for a limited and predetermined period of time for childcare.
  • The temporary nanny can be an interim solution, during longer-term stays abroad or as a relief when a new child is born.
  • The nanny takes over all delegated tasks which are related to day-to-day life of the children, for example: Guarantee of a stable everyday life, preparing meals, personal hygiene, grocery shopping, driving them to school or activities, playing, assisting with homework, nursing, tidying the children's rooms, organizing birthday parties etc.
  • Dependent on the needs of the family and the specific settings, the nanny can live in or live out. Of course, the nanny is available for overnight-stays in case of absence of the parents
  • A temporary nanny is generally placed for full-time childcare. In certain situation, a part-time placement can be possible  

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